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Abstract & Key takeaways

"Leveraging a CI/CD pipeline to harness the true power of automation."


Sree Cheemalapati



The key ingredient to building high-performing teams is to have different perspectives. Having worked as a leader in tech for 20+ years across multiple continents, domains and companies, has helped me get different perspectives about people, culture, and technology. I could see first-hand the challenges, struggles and effort it takes to build high-performing teams from scratch. Also, working with distributed teams has added a whole new level of complexity to this initiative.

I am passionate about building sustainable high performing teams to deliver high-quality products to customers. I have been instrumental in bringing positive change and growth to various companies I have worked for. I do this through mindset shift, consistency, collaboratively coming up with simple solutions to complex problems, making processes lean, and breaking barriers for communication which is key to sustainable growth. I have continued to work in the IoT space for a while and helped to find opportunities to optimize the work teams do in hardware and software development and testing.




Automated tests have become the backbone for most companies to catch defects early and free up time for testers to focus on other areas of the applications. I worked on a project where the team understood the importance of automated tests but the way it was triggered created several problems. First of all, the automated tests were run manually. Tests were run on-demand by the automation team as and when needed. Secondly, we were lacking a set cadence for running the automated tests and finally, they weren’t triggered automatically when the code was checked in which meant that there were many defects that went unnoticed.

In this talk, I will discuss how I helped my team to move the automated tests in a CI/CD pipeline to catch defects early. We had to figure out different strategies to run the automated tests automatically during the various stages of the development process. As a result, we were able to find defects early, get immediate feedback on the application and were able to fix issues on time. Attending my talk will help attendees learn how to catch defects early by migrating automated tests in a CI/CD pipeline and how to structure your tests such that you get continuous feedback throughout the development process.

Key takeaways-

Learn strategies to integrate and run automated tests from CI/CD pipeline
How continuous testing can help to find defects early
Common challenges and lessons learned in moving to continuous testing


"The most awesome Playwright Python features"



🐞 QA Engineer
🧙‍♂️ Test Manager
🤖 Test Automation Engineer
📈 Performance Test Engineer
💬 Blogger
My Linked in can tell more about me
I'm big fan of test automation and performance testing. Love ❤️ locust and playwright




  • What is a playwright?

  • We get used to selenium

  • My top playwright features

  • Documentation

  • Selectors

  • routing requests

  • events

  • waitings

  • Context

  • Browser state

  • Capture/playback

  • Recordings

  • Questions


"Zero to hero – How testers can advance in their career with a growth mindset"


Mihai Dobri



Experienced Professional with overall 12+ years of successful experience in Testing, UI-UX, and Product Management. Majorly worked in the Internet industry where the contribution was made in gaming, security, machine learning, and e-commerce domain and worked in roles such as QA, Product Management, Program and Project Management, User interface and experience, product marketing.

Worked on some AWARD-winning game titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Rio The Video Game. Other Games title include Street Cricket Champions 2, Move Street Cricket 2, HueShapes, Junglee Rummy, Junglee Teen Patti,, PoolKing, CallBreak.

Tools Knowledge: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq,, JustinMind, Fluid, Jira, Xray, Zephyr, Dev Track, Dev Test, Bugzilla, Gamespark, Android Studio, ADB, Xcode, Chrome Dev Tools (Including Page Insights and LightHouse)
Platform Knowledge: Android, iOS, Web, PWA, Desktop
Game Engines: Unity, Unreal, Hero, Cry, Game Salad, and Game Maker
Developer Bio:,475186/





  • Have you ever felt stuck in your career and feel there is no way out? Have you had a dream of making it big in the software testing field but the pandemic put a roadblock on it? If you said yes, then you are not alone as I was experiencing the same feelings during the pandemic.

    I had over 4 years of experience working as a tester in big companies and took a break for two years to complete my master’s in computer science. I never knew this two-year gap would make me irrelevant in the tech industry or so I thought. After applying for over 600 jobs during the pandemic I was dejected and ready to pack my bag and go to my native country. And then it hit me. I realized that I was letting my self-limiting beliefs, and lack of technical knowledge hold me down. This is the exact same situation most testers are in right now. 

    In this talk, I will share different strategies I used to improve my communication skills, technical skills and start focusing on my strengths instead of my weakness. Following the approaches I used, I was able to transform my life from having a temp job to getting a job at one of the biggest companies in the world. Using the tips, tricks, and tools I share in my talk any tester who wants to advance in their career will get actionable strategies to make a positive change.

    Key takeaways-

        The current problem testers are facing in the industry
        Different approaches to advance in your career
        Lessons learned from following these approaches

"Mock" your APIs!!


Pricilla Bilavendran



Pricilla is a Passionate Test Engineer currently working with Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn - Malaysia, with a decade of experience in Quality Assurance. She has experience in different flavors of Testing like Functional, EDI, ETL, Automation and API Testing. She is so keen and loves to handle APIs. She is a Postman Supernova and speaks at various events regarding APIs and Postman. She is passionate about Cloud computing and recently got selected for the “AWS Community Builder” program. Also she is the global ambassador of WomenTech Network and helps many women through her mentoring sessions.





  • What is a Mock?
    What is Mock Server?
    Types of Mocks Servers.
    When to use Mock APIs?
    Advantages of Mocks.
    Tools used
    How to setup a Mock Server in Postman?
    How to use

    Key takeaways-

        Details on the usage of Mocks, Why to use Mock servers.
        Helps to enhance/fasten the API Testing process.
        The audience can start mocking with Postman and mocky. 

Cloud-native applications testing


Shweta Singh


• Lead/Sr QA with close to 15 years of extensive experience in Software Quality Assurance and Business Analysis in Telematics, Finance and Banking domain.
• Strong hands-on experience in planning and executing Risk based Test Strategies and Test Plans for on-prem and cloud applications.
• Strong experience in coordinating testing activities with offshore vendors and suppliers.
• Experienced in building professional relationships with stakeholders via strong communication and collaboration skills.
• Highly experienced in gathering and documenting requirements, creating Test Plans, Training Materials, FAQs along with other Operational Documents for smooth onboarding of customers.
• Skilled at training and on-boarding new customers, and supporting them with any issue clarification
• Good knowledge of Data Analytics tools like Power BI and AWS QuickSight.
• Strong experience in test management tools like qTest, Microsoft Test Manager, TM4J and Zephyr scale by Jira.
• Skilled at creating and maintaining automation test suites for functional and non-functional tests.
• Experienced in API automation using Postman, UI automation using Cypress & Test complete and performance test automation using Taurus & Jmeter.
• Highly experienced with working in an agile and waterfall environment.
• Excellent communications skills with a positive and flexible attitude, proactive and ability to gel quickly within new teams.





  • Organisations are moving rapidly towards cloud ecosystem which present new challenges to modern day QA. So what are Cloud-Native applications? How are they different from the on-prem ones? Does it make any difference to testers? How much of cloud knowledge is essential for testers to test cloud-native applications effectively? Starting with Introduction to Cloud, I will talk about some of the common computing services, the 'AWS certified cloud practitioner' certificate and Testing best practices for cloud based applications to enable testers to start their cloud journey.

    Key takeaways-

        1. Introduction to Cloud

           2. Tips for cracking the 'AWS certified cloud practitioner' certificate

           3. Testing best practices for cloud based applications

Check the Quality of Chat Bots through Test Automation


Sonali Das



14+ years of experience of working as a QA Automation Lead /Architect/DevOps Lead in both Agile as well as SDLC model in various domains like BFS, Insurance, Retail, US Tax, Industrial Automation, Media and Broadcasting, Life Science, Oil and Gas, Energy, Power Trading , Education with a proven track record of Test Automation/DevOps Lead for evaluating, evangelizing, and applying new smart methodologies through commercial or by developing open-source tools to continuously appraise and perk up the Quality Assurance strategies, Continuous Integration processes involved and reduce the efforts.





  • Chat Bots are very common these days and can be seen most of the websites. Be it Retail websites or Banking sites or Travel sites there would have been a chat bot at the corner of the page who would be answering your questions. As these chatbots are answering on behalf of the companies it more important that its quality should be good. So What are these Chat bots. How can this be tested. Before learning how this can be tested, it's important to know how do these chat bots work. So Lets learn about Chatbots and its Testing

    Key takeaways-

  1. What is Chat Bot

  2. How does this work

  3. How to test it automatically through open source tools

Is God an Automation Tester?


Vikas Joshi



I believe Quality is intrinsic to everything that exists in & around us. Quality is the single most deciding factor - why one gets chosen over other. Quality is also subjective to the person perceiving.
•12+ years of experience in the field of IT with 10+ years in Automated Testing & QA/QC.
•Test consultation, guidance, tracking, Risk Analysis, Mitigation, Root Cause/results Analysis (metrics to track & analyze progress).
•Expertise in designing Automation Frameworks (Desktop & Mobile) and establishing Automation COE.
•Excellent track record managing testing activities across SDLC & keen eye on innovation, collaboration, customer service, and sales.
•Interface with senior management to discuss quality and compliance issues, Building competency for on-shore & off-shore resources.
•Interface with business development and operations to identify business opportunities & propose solution- work in collaboration with marketing, sales & delivery teams.
•Strong written and verbal communications skills coupled with the ability to effectively communicate and partner with Business and IT.
•Detail-oriented and good at task requiring vigilance, accuracy & speed.
•Experienced in creating Test Plan, Test Strategy, POCs, Effort Estimation, Scheduling & Team Management.
•Delivered engagements as a lead, individual contributor and technical subject matter expert for large complex engagements.
•7+ years’ experience as a Lead handling multiple projects.
•ISTQB Certified. HP Functional Testing (QTP) 11.x Certified.





  • Just like a poet sees God - the creator as a poet, a sculptor as a sculptor - so would an Automation Tester.

  • The talk will cover insights into how an Automation Testing solution can be perceived & implemented based on some real-life observations. How few concepts can be learned from nature around us?

Mobile App testing with Business driven Approach (User’s eye and Domain)


Sujit Pathak



I define myself as a Solution-oriented person and I love to make things simple for smooth execution of Project Management.

I am leading few amazing projects and ensuring the efforts and budget for the project for optimization and ROI.
I am Certified Scrum Master and Agile evangelist.
I worked at the various organizations at different levels. I started my career in Testing and gradually elevated to Project Manager. In my last association, I worked as Dy. Director (IT) at Bihar School Examination Board, Patna





  • We must test the application through customer eye, and also the critical part is – we must test the application as per application domain.

  • In our QA role and task we perform, we test the application as per our generic learning and skills, which includes the common orientation for any mobile app.

  • There should be 2 important aspect while we test any Mobile App:

       1-Test application through User’s eye and

       2-Test application with respect to the Domain.

       1-Test application through User’s eye: Testing must be performed with aligned to end user. We should never test the application as per our interest. The application to be used by end-user who will be stakeholder and consumer, hence their satisfaction will never be compromised.

       2-Test application with respect the Domain: Every application are the family member of any domain (i.e. ecommerce, banking, b2b and b2c etc), these applications extensively requires the testing as per domain – such as B2B application should not be tested as B2C application, at the same time e-commerce application should not be test as banking App.

  • The users and Business value both play the critical role for Optimized and Effective Testing

Key takeaways-

My presentations and session will enlighten the effective Mobile Application Testing along with Quality reporting.





How to be a Software Detective?


Prashant Hedge



Prashant Hegde is a passionate tester. He has ably led test teams to success in many organizations and helped them improve their application quality process. Prashant currently leads the QA team at MoEngage. MoEngage is the leader in the mobile engagement market, with presence across Asia, Europe, and the US.

Prashant is an agile enthusiast and has worked in different roles on agile teams for the last five years. Prashant enjoys sharing his experiences by blogging and participating in agile communities around the world. Prashant is a Certified Scrum Master and a frequent speaker at industry conferences. Prashant has helped thousands of ISTQB aspirants to clear their certifications with his free app ISTQB test mentor.





  • In the software world, tester's are software detectives. Just like detectives, tester's need to make critical decisions rapidly, so tester's need to master several skills that are similar to detectives. You need not have to be a mastermind to be a detective as portrayed in the movies. 

  • In this presentation we will learn how to think like a detective. You will learn few ideas, techniques, tools and tips can help you unleash your inner detective. 
    You will takeaway some ideas that will enable you to better explore, investigate, and report like a detective. 

Key takeaways-

- Learn how to think like a software detective
- Make intelligent decisions. - Heuristics, Oracles
- Train your brain to think in new ways - Mental models
- Tools that help you investigate like a detective
- Spying on the Competitors
- Bug Advocacy and more...




Getting Deeper into Agile Testing


Brijesh Deb



Excellent skills through the Testing and Delivery life cycle including Test and Delivery Management, Planning, Strategizing and Management activities such as Scheduling, Tracking, Risk Management and Execution with focus on Customer Success. Expertise in setting up Testing practice with a focus on Presales, Testing, Performance, Security, Research, Learning and Development.

Agile Transformation Agent with the objective of helping organizations in achieving customer excellence with a focus on delivering maximum value to customers, stake holders and teams. Emphasis on cultural change driven by collaboration at all levels to adapt the agile mindset and change.





  • Agile Testing is a widely used yet easily misunderstood term. Also there are some incorrect practices in Agile conversations especially around testing. There are many ways Agile and Agile testing is interpreted and implemented. This talk aims at clarifying some of the terminology and offer a few best practices that can help testers perform better testing.

Key takeaways-

After this the audience will have 

1. Clarified misconception about testing
2. Clarified misconception about Agile 
3. Understand the bottlenecks of Agile Testing and their workarounds 
4. Building strong tests in an Agile environment




Mobile Automation Infrastructure from scratch


Dmytro Budym


Proficient Software Development Engineer in Test.
Experienced in building robust and scalable test automation frameworks for backend and frontend.
Have strong coding and object-oriented design skills.
Strongly committed about implementing best practices of Test Automation industry and new technologies.

• 4 years experience in Test Automation
• Proficient in development UI tests with Selenium WebDriver
• Proficient in development API tests with Okhttp, Retrofit, Rest Assured
• Hands-on experience in setup CI with Jenkins, TeamCity
• Experienced mentor

Java, TestNG, Selenium WebDriver, Selenide, Retrofit, Okhttp, Rest Assured, Allure, Selenoid, Appium, Selenium Grid, Maven, Git, Jenkins, TeamCity, GitHub Actions, Docker, Elasticsearch




  • Mobile automation is very challenging from select testing frameworks to preparing the infrastructure.
    Where will you run the test? Emulator or real device, cloud platform, or local machine?

  • Today I want to show how to build android and IOS emulator clusters to run tests with Appium.

  • - for Android we will use Selenoid which automatically runs container with an emulator
    - for IOS, we will use Selenium Grid and connect Appium servers on macs as nodes

Key takeaways-

After this the audience will have 

- how to create automation infrastructure for Android
- how to create automation infrastructure for IOS




Embrace your flaky tests


Suman Bala


Suman Bala is a Test Architect with a passion for improvement in quality processes and is a strong believer in Test Automation. She feels proud of how people’s perspective has changed regarding testing throughout her career. She is striving to instil the idea that quality is everyone’s responsibility as opposed to merely laying it at the feet of QA. She is a co-organiser for the Ministry of Testing Buckinghamshire meet-up. She is a mentor and coach at work and within the wider testing community. She is co-designing and delivering the “Software Testing Bootcamp” sponsored by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.





  • Ignoring your flaky tests will only compromise your agile team’s commitment to quality, but also let a far too normalized problem persist in our industry – your team’s app and/or framework architecture. That’s right! When your test keeps on failing, embrace your flaky tests. Teams that ignore flaky tests will see them through production and release to customers.
    As a team, we need to look into flakiness insights to work on making the app more reliable and testable. 100% test automation is never the end goal for software quality advocates. We know that flaky tests in our team’s build can make a team not to trust the tests even if they might be reliable.
    Your tests should be treated with the same care as the application code. We really need to change our perspective and start thinking about what our flaky tests are trying to tell us. In this talk, I will teach you how to embrace your flaky tests to identify what tests you should automate, exercises to enhance quality processes across your org, and how you can ultimately reduce flakiness as an agile team.

Key takeaways-

Identify what tests should be automated
Learn why automation is a collaborative exercise and should be owned by the entire team
Get tips on how to reduce flakiness



"early Model Based Testing"


Silvio Cacace


My name is Silvio Cacace and I am an experienced and passionate test professional. I have experience in manual testing and test automation within both traditional and Agile development processes. I have the ability to quickly adapt myself to new and complex projects / environments.

I have knowledge of several automated testing tools, test methods and test design techniques and have extensive experience in creating, designing, implementing and professionalising the testing process within various industries and within CI/CD pipelines. It is a challenge for me to make my colleagues stronger and transfer my knowledge and experience through training, workshops and personal coaching.

My communication skills are strong and I'm a hard worker, have a pro-active attitude with a great responsibility. I am also stress resistant and a honest person who is always looking for innovations in the testing field.

I am also the founder of the Agile testing method APT® & DTM and the early based and easy to use Model Based Testing tool DTM tool and TestCompass® (



  • Nowadays we as testers put a lot of effort into automating the test execution. But this does require a structured test preparation and test case design. Early Model-Based Testing (eMBT) is a software testing approach that can help you optimize and speed up the test case design phase. And more important, eMBT promotes and stimulates communication between all stakeholders with the aim of getting a shared understanding of the requirements.

    Ealy Model-Based Testing
    Shallow learning curve
    Easy to use
    Early based
    Shif-left testing
    TestCompass Readable test model
    Automatically generation of logical & physical test cases
    Testing earlier, smarter & faster
    Speed up your shift-left testing with TestCompass
    The automated test design phase


"Error 404: Context Not Found"


Chris Armstrong


I love all things testing.
I'm keen to connect with likeminded testers with whom I can share ideas and inspire to continue in this wonderful craft!



  • Welcome to my personal hell.

  • I started a new job, in a new industry, a new city, a new tech stack....everything new.

  • I had no PC (therefore no email or access to training/onboarding/tests/codebase), I wasn't introduced to the team, I had a copy of industry-standard documentation & my boss went on leave.

  • Apparently, we were doing Scrum.

  • What would you do?

  • Would you make a run for it?

  • This is my story about how I turned this situation around and how I have applied this to not only myself in new surroundings, but also to ensure that new starters that I work with don't ever have to go through what I did.


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