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RESTful WebServices API Testing [Rest Assured & Karate Framework]

In this article, covering the most popular RESTful Webservices-API test automation frameworks — Rest Assured and Karate framework. Both frameworks are robust, scalable, customizable and easy to write API automated tests in a simpler form when compared to tools such as Postman, Jmeter and Katalon.

API Testing:

API interface represents the Application Programming Interface. It involves a lot of capacities that can be gotten to and executed by another middleware system. Along these lines, it fills in as an interface between various programming systems and sets up their association and information trade.

In the cutting edge advancement world, many web applications are planned dependent on a three-tier design model. These are:

1) Presentation Tier — User Interface (UI)

2) Logic Tier — The business rationale is written right now. It is additionally called the Business Tier. (Programming interface)

3) Data Tier — Here data and information are put away and recovered from a Database. (DB)

Check the detailed article below:

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