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Who we are

QA TechTalks is a community-based startup in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2020, QA TechTalks mainly focuses on creating valuable workshops, the latest tech updates, and inspiring events that have global importance. “Community is the key to success” with this quote in mind, we have successfully completed our global event. Here’s a glimpse of it!

QA Inspirational Talks 2021

This was an amazing event organised by QA Tech Talks which brought in over 50 speakers from all around the world. The event was held from 31st January 2020 to 31st January 2021. After the letdown 2020 has been for all of us, this event kicks off 2021 with a beautiful event for the whole QA community. This event showcased speakers from all kinds of backgrounds in the QA Community coming together to create an informative and inspirational atmosphere. These talks included topics about the QA community, testing community, testing, automation, API testing and also included motivational talks, tips, advice, and techniques on how to enrich yourself as a part of the QA and testing community.

All these videos are available on the QA TechTalks YouTube channel so that you can get inspired anytime and anywhere.

Link —

Event Success

The event idea was started as a mini-project. In the keynote speech, speaker Vinayak Titti spoke that he did not expect more than 5 to 10 speakers to respond to the event but the response he got was overwhelming. More than 50 global speakers participated in the event making it a grand success. It brought together a bunch of people from all over the world and helped them speak about their experiences and ideas.

Global Influence

The event brought in an overwhelming number of global participants. These speakers came from several countries including the India, USA, UK, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

These speakers are actively involved in the QA community and hold esteemed positions in the industry. This event gave exposure to the QA community on a global scale and will help the global community to expand and grow.

The complete list of all the global speakers can be found in this video —

Event snippets and Memories

The event showcased speakers from all around the globe. They spoke on a versatile range of topics which were inspiring and also informative. Some of the most popular and highlighted talks of the event included-

➔ “An inspiring message to QA community” by Beth Marshall

➔ “Reinvent yourself, block by block” by Geosley Andrades

➔ “A message to QA community — Ideas and Views” by Naveen Khunteta

➔ “A message on Power of resilience” by Sneha Viswalingam

➔ “An inspiring message to all leaders out there.” by Tristan Lombard

➔ “All about mindset and belief system” by Raj Subramanian

➔ “Quality Engineering” by Aparna A Gopalakrishnan and

➔ “Embracing and enabling a growth mindset” by Stuart Day

You can experience countless more talks on various topics on the YouTube link provided.

Winners and debut speakers list for QA talks 2021

This is an acknowledgment to the QA TechTalks global speaker community and their passionate contribution to the event.

1st Female speaker: Beth Marshall

1st Male speaker: Eran Kinsbruner

Speaker with highest views: It is news of pride that these people have got highest views

1. Prashant Hegde

2. Mukta Sharma

3. Beth Marshall

Speakers who had their Debut: It was magnificent to have their debut presented.

1. Malathy Madhavan

2. Kailash Pathak

3. Puneeth Vashisth

4. Mukta Sharma

5. Sofía Sánchez Barrios

6. Sharanya A

7. Divyakant Sharma

Lucky draw contest for viewers

QA TechTalks also took a great initiative and arranged for a lucky draw for viewers who engage with their content. The viewers had a chance to win $40 gift vouchers and also a digital certificate from TestProject. The viewers had to follow QA TechTalks and share the QA TechTalks event and mail them the snapshot. This was a great method of engagement and a chance for viewers to get more engaged with them. People won Amazon Voucher, Digital certification, and Udemy Coupons.

Our appreciated Volunteers: Without them, the hilarious success of the event would not have been possible.

1. Achmad Umar Baraja

2. Ria Puspita

3. Kailash Pathak

4. Sachin M.

Donation $70 from QA TechTalks in the name of all esteemed speakers

QA TechTalks also donated $70 to “Generation Yuvva” which is a social service organisation. This was an amazing initiative by QA TechTalks. This donation was done in the name of all the global and esteemed speakers of QA TechTalks who participated in the QA Inspirational Talks 2021. Their contribution was greatly appreciated.

Active viewer participation and subscriptions

The active viewer participation in the QA Inspirational TechTalks 2021 was extremely appreciated. There was a 500+ member subscription and the event amassed a huge number of participants and audience.

The event’s success can be contributed greatly to these active viewers and subscribers.

Launch of Official website

QA TechTalks dropped a piece of amazing news by announcing the launch of their official website. It has a minimalistic and user-friendly interface which is aesthetically pleasing. It also has all the information about the global speakers, upcoming events, volunteers and also has a blog segment that contains informative posts regarding Quality Assurance and Testing.

Be sure to check it out for a better learning experience about QA TechTalks and the QA Community.

Link —

Extending gratitude

The event succeeded due to the people. The audience, the sponsors, the speakers, and the volunteers. Every individual involved in making this event a success has the deepest and most sincere gratitude.

1. We thank the speakers for their amazing contribution and intellectual ideas that they shared with us. All their contribution was essential to making this event possible.

2. We also thank the sponsors :

Premium Sponsors — TestProject and TestCompass

Prize Money Sponsors — Testvox

Community Partners — Selectorshub, Testim and Testing Tech News

Udemy Coupon Sponsor — TestAutomation TV

Learn more about our sponsors and our speakers’ thoughts about the event here:

3. We also thank the volunteers because without them the event would not be possible. Their hard work and passion to develop the QA community and their contribution towards this event cannot be overlooked and is appreciated immensely.

4. The viewer and audience and their passionate engagement with the event is truly acknowledged with gratitude. A heartfelt thanks are extended to every person who has engaged with this event and participated in it.

Thank You!

QA TechTalks

A Global Community

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