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10 Chrome Browser Extensions To Enjoy Testing As A Software Tester

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

There is ’n’ number of chrome extensions available, but there are a few add-ons that are pure wizardry for browser-based testing.

Here you can see a list of the top chrome extensions for software testers.

(1) What Font: With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. What Font allows you to know the font name, its family, color, style, size, position. In order to exit What font you need to click the right top corner button “Exit What Font”.

(2) CSS Viewer: As a tester, if you want toThis CSS Viewer allows you to click on any button/image/text etc on a web page and you can instantly see the CSS code which was used. It’s a quick and easy way to sort out the CSS code for a specific element on a website.

(3) Mob header: when you use hyper test in order to create test cases at that moment in time we have to use this extension which is known as mob header.

(4) Awesome Screenshot : An extension in order to capture screenshots and pictures. If you want to use this extension your chrome browser must be updated at least up to version 36.with the help of this extension you can hide the confidential info of your screenshot also.

(5) ScreenCastify: If you want to report any bug to the developer or want to record something you can use this extension.

Demo of Screencastify:

(6) Window Resizer: With the help of this you can resize the window of the browser. In order to check the portability and layout of any websites or web app.

(7) SelectorsHub: One of the finest extensions in order to generate, write and verify the XPath and CSS Selector. Its the latest version is 3.1.6.

(8) Todo List: It is a completely free-to-use extension. In order to manage and mark the minor to the major task. When you’re browsing the web and want to save your current web page to the Todo list.

(9) Bug Magnet: A very handy extension specially for the exploratory testers. It stores all the names, postcodes, emails to fill in the form with a single click.

(10) Cache Killer: An extension that is used to clear the cache. It clears all the cache when you load a new web page.

I hope this list of google chrome extensions for software testing definitely helps you.

#MakeTestingEasy #HappyTesting :)

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