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Tester Journey - Sornambiga S | QA TechTalks Community

Sornambiga S

I am a tester love to break the build!

I love to find the mistake so I thought of chosing this field. It suits me
Minute things matters. I prefer customer satisfaction is first. I put myself on the customer side and work to find many bugs. All are my best moments
Initially, my automation script are failed due to wrong keywords. Later I understand how to frame the keyword for each and every script and iam done the scripting
Testing helps you to think in small things. It may matters a lot. Some time regression testing get you become very bored
Update yourself in latest framework and software testing tools

Test Specialist
Test Architect
Technical Team Leader

Read twice before starting the execution of the testcases. When you get time try adhoc testing. Think out of box

Try to update yourself each and every day to be in testing trend

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