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Tester Journey - Pricilla Bilavendran | QA TechTalks Community

Pricilla Bilavendran

22 Jun 2021

"role" : "Senior QA Engineer",
"currentLocation" : "Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia",
"aboutMe" : "A Mom ★ Passionate Test Engineer ★ Postman Supernova ★ Blogger ★ API Enthusiast ★ Community Contributor ★ Learner ★ Enabler",

** About myself
Hello, I’m Pricilla.
I have more than 9 years of experience in Quality Assurance. I am passionate about Testing and have experienced different flavors of Testing like ETL, EDI, Automation, Mobile, IVR, Mainframe and API Testing.

My primary skill sets are: API Testing, Front End automation using Selenium, ETL Testing, Salesforce Testing and EDI Testing.

I have good expertise in various tools/technology like: Postman, Selenium, TOSCA, Katalon, Salesforce, Informatica, Oracle, SQL.

** Why testing field and What motivated you to join the testing field?
I landed into Testing accidently like many others, but staying here is by my passion.

** Best moments or achievements
I am learning a lot about the communities and forums where people are willing to help each other technically. I was featured as "Community Spotlight" by Postman in Nov 2020 and now I am "Postman Supernova" where I can officially represent Postman during my talks and webinars.

** Challenges faced in testing field and how did you overcome it?
We need constant upgrading just like the software. Being a Test Engineer I have worked in quite few flavors of Testing like ETL, EDI, Automation and API. Switching from one to another was really challenging, but I made sure to learn the basics every time.

** Best practices you followed during the testing journey.
"1. Don't Assume, ask questions
2. Not to give up, if you are tired take a break and proceed
3. Join the QA communities and interact with the like minded people
4. You grow by helping others
5. Try to understand the big picture always
6. Tools and Technologies are for helping us, so don't get scared by that"

I realized that finding bugs is not easy, and we have lot of tools and technologies to explore in Testing. It's not just Testing. It's TESSSSSSSTTTIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!


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