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Tester Journey - Marian Tharwat | QA TechTalks Community

Marian Tharwat

28 Jun 2021

Tester Journey - Marian Tharwat

** About myself
I am a Business Analyst

** Why testing field and What motivated you to join the testing field?
I am interested in Testing fields and amazing to me when I work it.

** Best moments or achievements
most of projects now is live and used by end users

** Challenges faced in testing field and how did you overcome it?
when there is a client request and hardly to implement then i suggest a plan to solve this issue.

** What are the advantages & dis-advantages in testing field?
Advantage: there is a good product without any failure. / disadvantage: in my opinion i didn't find disadvantage.

** What are your thoughts for the freshers and upcoming testers?
As a beginner or fresher, be he is a Tester or Developer pay scale is the same. Then next depends on your appraisal where you need to prove yourself. Companies give hike depending on your performance, where your designation doesn't matter. But your Domain knowledge, Certifications.

** What is the future of testing industry and career opportunities?
The future of software testing is faster tests, faster results, and most importantly, tests that learn what really matters to users. Smart machines will be able to, using data from current application usage and past testing experience, build, maintain, execute, and interpret tests without human input.

** Please provide any best practices you followed during the testing journey.
Requirements and analysis , creating Test plan, Creating test cases, test environment setup, executing the test cases , closure

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