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Tester Journey - Pooja Potghan

Pooja Potghan

12 Jun 2021

About Myself -
Currently I am working as QA Team Lead in QED42 Engineering Pvt Ltd. I have got 7+ years of experience in the Software Testing field. I started my career as a Junior QA in the product based start-up company and later on after almost two years I moved to services based Drupal Company and have been working here for more than 5 years now. Initially I was into manual testing and then I slowly moved on to automation testing and also team management activities.

●In manual testing, I am well versed with Smoke testing, Sanity testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, UI testing, etc
●Have good hands on experience in different tools such as JIRA, Zephyr, POSTMAN, Browserstack, JMeter, Selenium, BEHAT, Backstop JS, QTP, Protractor, etc
●Apart from testing, I have experience in AWS tools - EC2 Management, S3, CloudFront
●I have 2+ years of experience in ECommerce website testing in Magento
●Also I have got good experience of testing in Pharma, Agriculture, Branding, FMCG domain
●Also from the last couple of years, I am responsible for setting and designing QA processes for my current organisation.
●I am handling a team of 15 QAs now in the organisation.
●I have designed and created different QA documentation and templates that are used and implemented by other QA team members.
●I look after QA resource allocation and management on different projects.
●Have initiated lot of QA activities internally for increasing the knowledge sharing between the team members, creating healthy environment within the team members
●I keep on writing and publishing useful QA tips on Linkedin and also on our company’s website
●Responsible for conducting QA events in the organization
●Now a days I am also participating in QA Pre-sales activities

** Why testing field? **
1.The mindset, skill sets and expertise that I have are best matching with the field
2.There is continuous learning and new things coming up in this field
3.In my opinion this is the most challenging field and hence I am really happy to be part of it. An example to share is that let’s say a product is deployed to a production environment once you get a green light from QA and after that QA is responsible for anything that comes up. This is one of the most common scenario that everybody of us come across
4.Being QA you get to do so many activities or you perform so many things that are beyond QA
c.Agile Coach
d.Scrum Master ( I am myself a Scrum Master)
e.Team Management

** What motivated you to join the testing field? **
I am very disciplined and have good skills sets of meeting work deadlines, accomplishing assigned goals, knowledge sharing, mentoring and coaching others, learning new things every day and coming up with creative ideas to improve the things

** Best moments or achievements **
There are many moments and I would like to share few below:
1.In my current organisation I was appointed to built up the entire QA team which I took as a challenge and was able to meet this promise
2.QA Practice in our organisation is now considered as the best practice and also other practices are looking after QA practice as an example and also they are inculcating similar processes that we have formed in QA practice in their teams too
3.I was able to make everyone believe in the QA team that “Going beyond QA” is very important now a days and also
4.I have completed my Scrum Certification

** Challenges faced in testing field **
1.Explaining and adopting QA processes to the other practices such as development team, architectural team, management team, networking team
2.QA initiatives are not followed or considered seriously
3.QAs are not considered to be part of all the meetings or important discussions many a times
4.QAs opinions or initiatives are not valued until and unless POC is submitted around the same
5.So many new tools and technologies are emerging these days and we don’t get enough time to learn and support them. Once we start implementing or using some tool, till then we see some new tool is being invented and introduced in the market. A recent announcement of Protracted coming to an end is an example of this.
6.Technically we sometimes face following issues
a.We don’t get enough time for testing
b.QAs are not involved in work estimation activities
c.Separate QA environments are not available
d.QAs are not even included in requirement gathering phase or Sprint Zero activities

There are many more challenges that we have as QA and we juggle with them everyday.

** Best practices you followed during the testing journey **
In day to day work, in every project, in every sprint, or while working on every feature, every ticket, I always think of what I can learn or get something new out of it and how I can contribute or participate in improving it.

I would like to share some practices that I usually follow:
a.How can QAs truly own a project and effectively drive it to a successful conclusion? Click here for the blog

b.How to reduce UAT bug count.
c.What knowledge is needed to be an excellent or proficient QA
d.Can we perform automation within the sprint?
e.How to start a career in automation? QA Automation is not only about writing code scripts for automating web applications
f.Including Data driven analytics reports and why should QA participate in analysing these reports?
g.Created various handy checklists for day to day testings
i.Checklist for UI testing
ii.Checklist for Webform testing
h.Worked around implementing and sharing some important tips in creating BDD Scenarios
i.Collaboration is very important for faster and quality product delivery
j.Documents to be created as part of testing process in spite of which methodology is followed in project
k.Negative test cases should be included in Test suite
l.Bug analysis should be made a habit!

** Want to be a member of QA TechTalks community and share your tester journey? **

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Thank you!

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