Abstract & Key takeaways

"7 things I learned to build highly effective onsite/offshore teams."


Venkataramana Edagottu



From my 20+ years of experience working in tech and managing teams I realized that as leaders we not only need to consider our structure of the team, but also the alignment and purpose of the work the team does. This is to ensure that we have clarity on the value the team creates. In my opinion, a high performing team flourishes in an environment where they know exactly how they contribute to the organization’s purpose.





If you are a supervisor or a team leader, you know how difficult it is to manage distributed teams with constant pressure to perform and deliver quality product/service on time. This is especially true for offshore teams who are on different timezones, regions, cultures and working styles. If you do not put in effort to come up with effective strategies to manage these teams, it may eventually lead to low team morale, disgruntled employees, and most importantly poor performance. This is the reason why companies are investing millions of dollars in training, organizational and team development.

In this talk I will share key strategies to improve team's performance in delivering high value product/services to customers irrespective of their cultural and geographical differences. I will share proven techniques that help build high performing distributed teams. The tools and approaches I discuss will give the attendees a strategic and clear way to manage team processes and communication. These concepts will reinforce how to actually implement the principles in a real-world environment working with onsite/offshore teams to solve the pressing challenges.

Key takeaways-

• Key strategies to transform strong teams into high-performing and self-managed teams
• Tools and examples on how to practice these approaches as a daily ritual
• Inspire team and deliver exponential results

"Building and Scaling a High Performing Global Quality Organization From Ground Up"


Sree Cheemalapati


Sree works as a Director of Quality Engineering at Comfy, a Siemens Company. She is responsible for the overall planning, management, and coordination of Comfy’s global quality engineering activities to ensure the delivery of products that exceed customer expectations. She plays a key role in building Quality Culture across the organization, bringing awareness to embedding quality at all levels for optimum customer experience. With 20+ years of experience in the software industry, leading Quality Engineering at startup, medium and large companies, Sree brings a wealth of expertise in building and scaling teams and delivering results.



The key ingredient to building high performing teams is to have different perspectives. Having worked as a leader in tech across multiple continents, domains and companies has helped me get different perspectives about people, culture and technology.
Over the past decade, customer needs have increased exponentially and companies are trying hard to release great features much faster. Also, working with distributed teams has added a whole new level of complexity to this initiative.

In this talk, I will share my real life experience building and scaling Global Quality Organizations from the ground up in mid and large enterprises. I highlight the common challenges and lessons learned when leaders embark on these kinds of initiatives. Using the strategies I share in this talk, attendees will learn how to adapt their mindset and skillset to the current day and age of DevOps and Continuous Testing, with seamless integration of automation tools.

Key takeaways-


  • What are the strategies to build a high performing global Quality Engineering team?

  • What are the common obstacles QE/QA leaders face?

  • How to have sustainable growth while building high performing Quality Engineering teams