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Interview Preparation Series 2022


A new initiative program to share your Interview Experience with Community

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Call for Speakers is on!


To get the best result during the placement season, proper interview preparation is crucial right from the beginning. We're from the QA Talks Community, and we're putting up an Interview Preparation series for the QA community. At QA Talks renowned speakers are invited from the community to share their views with the freshers or those who seek new opportunities. Also, an opportunity to interact with them is made available for the ones who are interested in discussing various topics regarding the interview processes.

Whether you're looking for a job in a product-based company, a startup, or a service-based company, it's critical to prepare thoroughly for placements to land your Dream Job. In addition to considering routine interview questions and answers, you should consider questions concerning technical approaches and abilities.

We'd also like to extend a warm invitation to the Interview Preparation series as a Guest Speaker. Feel free to contact us to proceed further.

Note: Once confirmed, all speaker profile info and posters will be announced/showcased on our website and all social media platforms. 

Sign me up!

I want to participate, contribute & share interview experiences with the community. Feel free to contact us!


Speaker Rewards:

  • Speaker Community swag T-Shirt will be provided for your contribution.

  • All Speaker profiles and posters will be announced/showcased on our website & Social-media.

  • Digital Certifications will be provided as a token of appreciation.

  • Upcoming webinars & Conference tickets for free will be provided for the whole year.

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Check out past Interview sessions:

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