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Want a cozy internet space where you can find people from your community?  


QA Talks is not just a platform, it is a global community. Quality assurance, Testing, Web development, API testing – whatever your niche be, you will find a friend here.

As a Quality Assurance community, we can definitely say – we value quality over everything. So we connect a Quality community that grows through its people and becomes more enriched. It is not a venture that can be successful with a sole human or just a small group.


So, when you think of QA Talks you think of a central hub of a group of individuals who make you feel at home. It is not a platform, it is the people.

Quality Assurance, Testing Automation, API testing – what are these terms?

They could be unknown to you. Yet, humans have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Even if you are completely new to this community and are looking for a place to learn, you are welcome. Learning makes you lead. It is the first step to success. 

  1. Our community thrives on the common sharing of ideas and knowledge among the entire populous.

  2. Our speakers love motivating, sharing ideas, and teaching people more about the Testing community.

  3. This is a place for enrichment, enhancement, and encouragement. You will find talks, webinars, and blog posts all organized by the community for the community.

Thus to quote: “Community is the essence of QA life.”

                                                                                  _ Vinayak Titti.

A community gathering of innovative, experienced, and groundbreaking speakers, we are not simply one more event management startup; we are a global community where the collective power of thoughts, ideas, tips, views, and collaboration meets up to make a QA space.

The QA Talks is a platform for people to come together and create a community with inspiration & technology talks. Space where people can come and experience great testing talks, a platform where people can work collaborate, and share amazing experiences, a space to create content, and a space to share ideas and suggestions. About us: We are a community-based hub that connects speakers and viewers globally to the future of the QA journey. We are a global community.

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TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation
platform for web, mobile, and API testing that’s supported by
the #1 test automation community.

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We facilitate full-cycle testing services by examining your mobile and web applications by following all the quality assurance standards.