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A specialist approach to the development, build and testing services

FreeYourWork is a service-based startup that provides development and testing services for a broad range of business applications, including web and mobile, as per your requirement. We're are here to provide the best services for the development, testing, and e2e approach. 

FreeYourWork team is here to make the process as productive and impactful as possible for your requirements. If you're looking to work on a full project with us, here's an overview of the expertise we'll deploy to reach your technology goals. 

FreeYourWork team minds are focused on delivering innovative and expert technical services to your work. 


Our team specializes in website development and build services. Our Front-end developers are responsible for the behavior and visuals that run in the user browser. 

1. React
2. Vue.js
3. Java


Test Automation 

In an effort to accomplish faster time to market & increase test coverage in short time - test automation plays a crucial role in the release cycle and regression. 

1. Selenium Webdriver
2. Cypress
3. Protractor
4. WebdriverIO, etc.,

API Testing

Testing APIs assures that all the data being accessed is properly processed by the API, ensuring better security and compliance testing.

2. Postman
3. RestAssured
4. ReadyAPI, etc.,

Mobile Testing

We do provide expert functionality checks to ensure the apps work flawlessly across mobile devices

· Installation testing
· Interruption testing
· Upgrade testing

Eg: tools
1. Appium - iOS & Android
2. XCUITest

We develop and test for you, so leave the rest to us!

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