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Test with Brains or Bots: Self-hosting Instructions

  1. A quick overview about the Topic theme and QA TechTalks community

  2. Please read questions during the session before answering. 

  3. Please record the session in mp4 format and share with us at

  4. Video length can be min 15~  to max 25~ mins. 

  5. Feel free to add any other points you prefer based on your experience.

    • Sessions Questions

    • About yourself.

    • Would you prefer to test with brains or bots?

    • Or Would you prefer to test with both brains & bots?

    • What makes a good tester? With examples

    • What test techniques, strategies do you suggest for the community? With examples

    • Will Automation replace manual testers?

    • What are the main key areas we need to consider before starting testing any application?

    • What's the scope of testing in future? 

    • What best practices have you followed during your experience?

    • What are your thoughts for the freshers and community members? 

    • What are the advantages & dis-advantages with manual and automation testing? 

    •  Finally, Summary or justify Brains or Bots. 


    Add email Subject: Your Name + Test with Brains or Bots


    Certification & Amazon voucher Rewards:

    We will review and publish, and monitor the YouTube views/ Viewer Voting. Participants will receive a digital certification and Winners will receive a certification & amazon voucher rewards $20 - 25.


    P.S: It’s a weekly activity and monthly program, where we announce winners every month. 

    Note: First come first publish 


    All the best!


    Thanks & Regards,

    QA TechTalks Community

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