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Data Engineer - Job Support

What is a data engineer?

Data engineers are responsible for finding trends in data sets and developing algorithms to help make raw data more useful to the enterprise. This IT role requires a significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SQL database design and multiple programming languages. But data engineers also need communication skills to work across departments to understand what business leaders want to gain from the company’s large datasets.

Data engineers are often responsible for building algorithms to help give easier access to raw data, but to do this, they need to understand the company’s or client’s objectives. It’s important to have business goals in line when working with data, especially for companies that handle large and complex datasets and databases.

Data engineers also need to understand how to optimize data retrieval and how to develop dashboards, reports, and other visualizations for stakeholders. Depending on the organization, data engineers may also be responsible for communicating data trends. Larger organizations often have multiple data analysts or scientists to help understand data, while smaller companies might rely on a data engineer to work in both roles.



We do provide job support on all the below technologies. 

Our services:

  1. Data staging, enrichment, writing views in hive/impala

  2. Control m

  • Develop, construct, test and maintain architectures

  • Align architecture with business requirements

  • Data acquisition

  • Develop data set processes

  • Use programming language and tools

  • Identify ways to improve data reliability, efficiency and quality

  • Conduct research for industry and business questions

  • Use large data sets to address business issues

  • Deploy sophisticated analytics programs, machine learning and statistical methods

  • Prepare data for predictive and prescriptive modeling

  • Find hidden patterns using data

  • Use data to discover tasks that can be automated

  • Deliver updates to clients based on analytics

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