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Selenium Training


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Having 7 years of experience in IT industry. Currently working at Wells Fargo India,hyderabad.

 Automation + Manual Testing
 Involved in design and development of page object model
Selenium Web Driver with java as coding language
 Involved in Testing of applications build on
 Knowledge on design and maintenance of Automation Test cases using
 Involved in the release cycle of the product, which involves environments
Development, QA, UAT and
 Good exposure in Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), Defect Management Life
Cycle (DMLC), Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Agile Scrum

About the course

*************Automation Testing**************
Overview and Installation
1. Overview on Automation
2. Complete installation guide for Java and Eclipse IDE
3. Complete installation guide for Selenium WebDriver
4. Configuration of Selenium WebDriver along with Chrome

My First Java Program
1. Basic Java concepts for Selenium
2. Java OOOPs Concepts – Tester Level
 Inheritance
 Polymorphism
 Abstraction
 Encapsulation
3. Collections Framework
 ArrayList
 HashSet
 HashMap

Locators Used in selenium
1. Class
2. Name
3. ID
4. Text
5. Link Text
6. Xpath
7. CSS

Handling of Standard Web Elements
1. Check Box List
2. Drop Down List
3. Radio Button List
4. Button
5. Text Box
6. Link

Synchronization in Selenium WebDriver
1. Implicit Wait
2. Explicit Wait
3. Fluent Wait

Ajax Action Class
1. Mouse Interaction
2. Hovering to target element
3. Key Board Actions

Handling of Multiple Windows and Tabs
1. Windows
2. Tabs

1. Handling of frames
2. Switching from one frame to other

TestNG Frame Work
1. Test NG and its advantages

Apache POI
1. Creating Work Book
2. Creating Work Sheet
3. Writing Data to Excel
4. Reading Data from Excel

Automation Frameworks
1. Data-Driven Framework
2. Keyword-Driven Framework
3. Hybrid Testing Framework

Continuous Integration (CI/CD)
1. Maven
2. Jenkins
3. GIT Hub