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Playwright with Typescript

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35 Hours

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Playwright with Typescript


Industry Expert Trainer

The trainer is having 11+ Years of industry experience and 2+ years experience on Playwright test automation and training.

Extensive international experience having worked in the UK and Asia (Malaysia & India) in a wide variety of projects (BFSI), FinTech, CRM, CMS, Automotive, WordPress, e-wallets & Real-Estate industry using manual & automation tools.

Profile Summary:
* Overall 10+ years experience and 8+ years work experience as Test Manager, Test Lead and Test Architect.

* Hands-on experience in both manual & automation testing on Client-Server, Web-based and Mobile applications [Native, React-Native, Hybrid & Mobile Web].

* Experience working in automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver with Java, JavaScript, Cucumber, Appium, Katalon Studio, XCUITest for mobile & modern Javascript test frameworks Protractor, WebdriverIO, Playwright, NightwatchJS, and Cypress.

* Expert knowledge in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).
Good knowledge of and experience in Agile Methodology, Water-Fall Model, and V-Model.

* Experience in both Android & iOS platforms (Native, Hybrid & React-Native apps).

* Experience in testing CRM and CMS environment applications such as Drupal, Django, and WordPress.

* Experience in AI Testing, Visual-UI Testing, image recognition, and watermark capture.

* Experience in MongoDB integration test & AWS - DynamoDB, Lambda functions & step functions.

* Experience in developing automation scripts and creating frameworks such as Keyword-Driven, Data-Driven, Hybrid Driven, and Behaviour Driven Development.

* Hands-on experience in penetration testing using BURP-SUITE & OWASP ZAP plugin integration with Jenkins for continuous security testing.

About the course

Playwright Test was created specifically to accommodate the needs of end-to-end testing. Playwright supports all modern rendering engines including Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox. Test on Windows, Linux, and macOS, locally or on CI, headless or headed with native mobile emulation of Google Chrome for Android and Mobile Safari.

Course Outline:
Typescript Programming:
TypeScript is a strongly typed programming language that builds on JavaScript, giving you better tooling at any scale.

What is TypeScript?
How to define Types?
Functions & Expressions
Primitive Data types
Special Types
String Methods
ECMAScript modules
Object Types
Union Types etc.,

nodejs installation
Package Manager - npm or yarn

Locator Strategy:
1. How to handle DOM objects
2. How to create XPath and CSS custom locators and
3. chrome extensions to generate locators. Eg: Selectorshub and truepath

VS Code IDE:
1. VS Code usage
2. VS code plugins
3. VS Code shortcuts

Playwright Installation:
How to install Playwright
How to run the example test
How to open the HTML test report

Getting Started:
How to write the first test
How to perform actions
How to use assertions
How tests run in isolation
How to use test hooks

Run Tests:
How to run tests from the command line
How to debug tests
How to open the HTML test reporter

How to locate by explicit and implicit accessibility attributes.
How to locate by text content.
How to locate a form control by associated label's text.
How to locate an input by placeholder.
How to locate an element, usually image, by its text alternative.
How to locate an element by its title attribute.
How to locate an element based on its data-testid attribute (other attributes can be configured).

Actions usage.
Playwright can interact with HTML Input elements such as text inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, select options, mouse clicks, type characters, keys and shortcuts as well as upload files and focus elements.

Test generator:
How to generate tests with Codegen

Hooks usage
Playwright Test supports test annotations to deal with failures, flakiness, skip, focus and tag tests.

How to define assertions using Playwright.
Playwright Test uses expect library for test assertions.

How to handle iframe

How to run tests using cmmd-line

Trace Viewer:
How to record a trace
How to open the HTML report
How to open and view the trace

How to do global config
How to do local config

Parallelism and Sharding:
How parallel worker process
How to pass limit workers

How to config multiple reports
How to config Built-in reports

Retry mechanism:
How to config retries for flaky tests

How to set global timeouts
How to set local timeouts

Framework Design 1- Components
Playwright framework using below patterns --
Page Object Model design patterns
Stateless functions
Data-Driven testing using JSON file (fixtures)
ES6 Classes
Spec file execution

Framework Design 2
Playwright framework using below patterns --
Page Object Model design patterns
Facade Design Pattern using ES6 Classes - getters
Data-Driven testing using JSON or excel file
Custom Commands
Spec file execution

Framework Design 3 - Components
Playwright framework using below patterns --
ES6 Tags & labels
Custom Commands
ES6 text labels
DDT - env file for credentials
Spec file invoking

Framework Design 4
Playwright framework using below patterns --
ES6 Tags & labels
Generic Functions
Spec file invoking

Framework Design 5
BDD - Cucumber framework implementation.
• Get started
o Installation
o Cypress Configuration
o Configuration
• How to organize the tests
o Single feature files
o Bundled features files
o Step definitions
 Step definitions creation
 Reusable step definitions
• How to write tests
o Cucumber Expressions
o Given/When/Then functions
o Data table parameters
o Custom Parameter Type Resolves
o Before and After hooks
o Background section
o Sharing context
o Smart tagging
• How to run the tests
o Running tagged tests
o Ignoring specific scenarios using tags when executing test runner
o Output

API Testing:
Writing API Test
Writing tests
Setup and teardown
Using request context
Sending API requests from UI tests
Establishing preconditions
Validating postconditions
Reusing authentication state
Context request vs global request

Git Source Control Versioning:
1. Git repos
2. Git commits & merge
3, Git pull & push
4. Git commands
5. SourceTree tool usage
6. Git branching strategy

CI-CD Integration:
Docker usage
CI pipeline
Selenium Grid Config etc.,

Other Deliverables:
1. Interactive sessions & Hands-on-lab
2. Playwright documentation
3. Real-time examples
4. Live projects practice
5. Interview questions and guidance
6. Typescript materials
7. Test Consultation
8. Project Support post training(terms apply)
9. Recordings for life-time

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