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JIRA & Confluence Course

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6 Hours

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JIRA & Confluence Course


Expert Trainer

The trainer is having 8+ Years of industry experience.

About the course

JIRA Course Outline:

1.Overview of JIRA
2.Use cases of JIRA
3.Architecture of JIRA
4.Installation and Configuration of JIRA in Windows
5.JIRA Terminologies
6.Understanding Types of JIRA Projects
7.Working with Projects
8.Working with JIRA Issues
9.Adding Project Components and Versions
10.Use Sub-tasks to Better Manage and Structure Your Issues
11.Link Issues to Other Resources
12.Working in an Agile project
13.Working with Issues Types by Adding/Editing/Deleting
14.Working with Custom Fields by Adding/Editing/Deleting
15.Working with Screens by Adding/Editing/Deleting
16.Searching and Filtering Issues
17.Working with Work-flow basic
18.Introduction of JIRA Plugins and Add-ons.
19.JIRA Integration with Github

Confluence Outline:
20.Exploring Confluence benefits and resources
21.Configuring Confluence
22.Navigating the dashboard, spaces, and pages
23.Creating users and groups
24.Creating pages from templates and blueprints
25.Importing, updating, and removing content
26.Giving content feedback
27.Watching pages, spaces, and blogs
28.Managing tasks and notifications
29.Backing up and restoring a site
30.Admin tasks
31.Add/Edit/Delete new users
32.Adding group and setting permissions
33.Managing user permissions
34.Managing addons or plugins
35.Customizing confluence site
36.Installing Confluence
37.Evaluation options for Confluence
38.Supported platforms
39.Installing Confluence on Windows
40.Activating Confluence trial license
41.Finalizing Confluence Installation

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