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Is Codeless the future? Find out at the conference!

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All about Codeless talks!

Codeless Conf 2022

                    April 09 & 10' 2022| Global Reach


With the world evolving speedily, technological advancement is just blowing the roof away.

Codeless test automation solutions impact software QA in the same way that low-code and no-code development platforms do. Organizations that can't allocate extra programming resources or keep up with substantial test script maintenance might use codeless test automation solutions to relieve the coding load.

The demand for automation coders is unlikely to decrease shortly. Automation testers could use codeless testing as a tool to expedite rather than replace their work. In the not-too-distant future, the tools will become intelligent enough to eliminate the need for test script scripting, allowing testing instructions to be immediately sent on to the system in a codeless package. On the other hand, automation functional testing is currently the most significant requirement of any agile software development process.

Who can benefit from this Codeless Conf 2022?

Codeless automation testing speeds up the preparation and execution of tests for developers, even for the most complex test scripts. This helps developers focus on product development and innovation instead of wasting time.

A tester is not a programmer. It is troublesome to have the belief that testers must learn to code. With that perspective, we overlook the truth that, like any other craft, mastering coding requires years of practice.

When testers don't have to spend all of their time creating code to automate regression tests, they have more time to focus on exploratory testing of the application they know best. Furthermore, because codeless automation eliminates the need for engineers to participate in the construction of UI testing, it is more cost-effective.

Who is this event for?

The global conference is for all Testers, Newcomers, Test automation engineers, SDET, Managers, Community Leaders,  and everyone who is interested to see where and how the world’s latest testing technology can help you move forward.

Topics will be covered on Codeless automation, Test automation approach, Web Codeless automation, Mobile Codeless automation, Latest testing tools and techniques, QA best practices, and cutting-edge technologies. Learn as much as you can through the global conference and be a Codeless Automation Pro. 

1:00 PM IST/ 3:30 PM MYT/ 8:00 AM UK/ 9 AM CET/ 6:30 PM ACT/ 12 AM PST


Key Highlights & Benefits for audience

10+ expert codeless speakers

Live Demo examples with engaging talks

Interactive Q & A after each session

Community Swag raffle rewards for the audience.

Codeless Approaches and tools

1 Panel Discussion on Codeless automation

Quiz contest with prizes, Selfie Contest Swag rewards.

Practical real-time use cases

Latest Codeless trends in the Testing world

2 Live Workshops with Hands-on lab

Digital certifications for all participating members

When will the event be held?

This event will be a two-day premiere that will go Live on April 09 & 10, 2022. The entire event will be virtual so anyone with a decent internet connection will be able to attend the event.



  1. The ticket is paid at nominal prices. One ticket and you get access to all sessions on the day 1 & 2, can join from anywhere, anytime with a single click.

The Takeaways from the Codeless Conf 2022

  1. Get to make new connections with the masters of the field

  2. Learn the latest trends and develop the new skills

  3. Speakers from around the world

  4. Panel discussion to give everyone a unique insight into the field

  5. Exceptional Codeless Content

  6. Q&A session to interact with everyone

Event Agenda


Welcome, Networking Lounge, Speaker Presentations, Panel Discussion, Q & A, and Quiz Contest

Saturday April 09' 2022 - 1:00 PM IST/ 3:30 PM MYT/ 8:00 AM UK/ 9 AM CET/ 6:30 PM ACT/ 12 AM PST

Latest Codeless





How to leverage



Testing trends & future of testing


Welcome, Networking Lounge, Speaker Presentations, Workshops, Q & A, and Quiz Contest

Sunday April 10' 2022 - 1:00 PM IST/ 3:30 PM MYT/ 8:00 AM UK/ 9 AM CET/ 6:30 PM ACT/ 12 AM PST

Latest Codeless





How to leverage



Testing trends & future of testing

Meet Our Codeless Speakers


Jonas Menesklou


Madhuri Modi

1634741500862 (1).jpeg

Divyakant Sharma


Prachi Dahibhate

josh headshot.jpg

Josh McNamara


Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri


Veena Devi


Malarkodi Thangamani


Geosley Andrades

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Call for Speakers is on!

Are you looking to share your test automation experience with the testing community? Then this is the right opportunity for you.


We are inviting global speakers – thought leaders, subject experts, and start-up entrepreneurs – to share their knowledge and experience with the QA Community. Please let us know if you would like to participate in the panel sessions or workshops as a speaker.

Send your paper proposals below. 

Note: Last submission date Feb 15th ' 2022

Speaker topic proposal to choose from 

  • Interactive Speaker Talks & Live demo

  • Workshop / Labs

Theme 1:

Interactive talk - 25 mins

Live demo examples - 10 mins

Q & A - 5 mins

1. Can have Speaker & Co-speaker in the session.

2. Can choose any of the Codeless test automation tools & topics, best practices, case studies, and real-time examples.

Theme 2:

Hands-on Labs (Codeless Automation Testing Tool related hands-on labs or workshops)

  • 60 Minutes

    Theme 3:

  • Panel Discussion on Codeless automation and tools

  • 60 Minutes

Last Submission date: Feb 15th' 2022

                    Topic Categories

  • Test Automation Approach & Practices

  • Codeless Automation tools

  • Test Automation Feasibility & tool selection

  • Web & Mobile Codeless automation

  • API Codeless automation

  • Performance Codeless Configuration

  • Tools reference: TOSCA, Katalon Studio, TestProject, Mabl, Applitools, TestCraft, etc.,

   Note: Can choose any codeless automation tool as per your preference. 

                    Speaker Benefits

  • Speaker Community swag T-Shirt & other swags will be provided for your contribution.

  • All Speaker profiles and posters will be announced/showcased on our website & Social-media.

  • Digital Certifications will be provided as a token of appreciation.

  • Upcoming webinars & Conference tickets for free will be provided.

  • Get a chance to meet our community members as a speaker.

  • For new speakers, start your career as a global speaker with the conference.

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor

Diamond Sponsor

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Sponsorship Packages Available

We are open to sponsorships and will be happy to promote your company/product at our conference.
If you want to show your product demo to our participants — apply right now!

Be a Speaker for our
       future events

Want to showcase your Codeless tool through our events?

Be a Community partner

         for our events

Certificate Sponsor


Code of Conduct

Everything has a code of conduct. Therefore we have made a brief description of the netiquettes that you can observe for a fun and informative session without a hitch.

This includes certain very common social norms that should be followed:

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings and other participants

  2. There should not be any interruptions to the conference such that the flow is disturbed

  3. There should be no unlawful recording of the virtual conference unless prior permission is

       granted by the respectable authorities

   4. There should be no personal promotion or advertisement by participants during the

       conference or in the chatbox

   5. Participants should not use any explicit language or share harassing content

   6. Participants should not copy any contents shared by speakers during the conference and use

       them without permission

   7. Please use polite speech and be considerate of your fellow participants

Shadow on Concrete Wall

To reach the global QA Community!

This event is mainly focused on participants from all regions, India, South East Asia, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle-east, Africa; hence the start and end times have been chosen for the convenience of participants from these Time Zones. For US members, we share recordings accordingly.

1:00 PM IST/ 3:30 PM MYT/ 8:00 AM UK/ 9 AM CET/ 6:30 PM ACT/ 12 AM PST

More info for the audience:

Virtual Conf

Participating in our Virtual Summit from anywhere around the world is easier than ever before. Make sure to spread the word to friends near and far. Simply go online at the date and time of the event and follow the steps. Try all the links on our site beforehand to avoid technical difficulties, and get in touch if you have any issues.

Breakout Rooms

Breakout sessions allow you to make new friends and mingle by video or audio calls with a group of 5-6 members.

Global Speakers

Our esteemed speakers are consummate storytellers. With expertise and experience covering a variety of topics, audiences leave their talks entertained and inspired. 


Attendees can use the same link to join the event every day. Can join the sessions anytime and from anywhere.

Live Interaction

The event is a global community dedicated to providing answers to questions, big or small. In this conference, you can find what you’re looking for.

HD Hosting/Better Event UX

If anyone can't attend the event due to the timezone difference, can get the HD recordings to watch. Note: Recordings will be shared with registered members after 3 weeks of the event.


Network throughout the event and make meaningful connections. Meet new friends and community members globally. Interactive virtual conference with networking lounge.


The registered & participated attendees will receive digital certification from QA Talks Community. 

Media Partners

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Bottom Line

We are hoping to see all of them participate and be a part of this amazing event and also contribute to the global QA community. See you, everyone, at the event and hope you will make it a big success.


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