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Abstract & Key takeaways

Challenges in (codeless) UI automation and how to solve them


Jonas Menesklou



askui contributes to the vision of a working digital world through an innovative UI test automation solution.

For us, people are the focus of our work. That's why we bring humanity to automation through askui James. We don't just test UIs according to rigid methods but understand them like a human.

This is only possible through close cooperation with our customers and the appreciation of our employees. For a better digital world, a human-centered digital world.




It is impossible to imagine software development without UI tests. Despite technological  progress, the automation of UI tests is still considered too complex to function completely without manual intervention. Especially when testing canvas, embedded maps and colours, many approaches reach their limits. No-code tools promise to allow automation without any written code - but can they live up to this?

This talk will cover modern (codeless) UI testing approaches with an overview of tools and techniques. In particular,  current problems and future developments will be addressed. Furthermore, we will show how you can solve most of the current problems exemplarily with different no-code tools.

Key takeaways-

- Overview of challenges in UI automation
- Get to know a toolset of no-code tools
- Ability to choose the correct approach for different challenges

Socio Impact on Codeless Test Automation in the community


Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri



I always strive to be a QA evangelist backed by the emerging technologies, QA processes, concepts and tools. I am is an active member/speaker at MeetUps. I have trained large number IT professionals from leading tech firms including Pearson, Virtusa, Eyepax etc.

A quality-focused IT professional with more than 10 years of technical experience with a proven track record of heading medium to large-scale testing efforts, designing and implementing quality assurance solutions and heading the Testing Center of Excellence. Innate ability to create innovative testing solutions, services and processes to improve the bottom line by minimizing inefficiencies and thereby increasing the testing productivity and the value added.

Passionate to assist the QA community as a social worker by sharing my knowledge and 10+ years of experience gained in the IT industry playing multiple roles in Software Development, Systems Engineering, Technical Writing and Quality Engineering.




Test automation is one of the essential skills that a test professional should posses. Today test automation tool have grown to a greater extent and most organizations and community professionals have made a greater effort to expand the horizons of test automation tool usage across the test arena. Most of them have done a lot to make test automation easily adaptable for everyone. Creation of test automation API libraries, wrapper components and codeless tool have led to a greater expansion. The talk will look at the current test industry and its impact to the test automation community with the use of codeless test automation tools, has it been beneficial to the learning community, has test automation flourished, what are the impacts that will have to the technical community and what kinds of side effects will  the lead to a modern tester. Its an in-depth analysis of the world with codeless test automation. 

Key takeaways-

1. Looking at current test automation tools

2. What are the codeless test automation tools available

3. Will codeless really help test the community to grow.

4. What are the key issues which have slowed down the progress of codeless test automation

5. Will it actually benefit the test professional currently

6. Career with codeless test automation

Codeless Testing and its relevance


Sonali Das



15+ years of experience of working as a QA Automation Lead /Architect/DevOps Lead in both Agile as well as SDLC model in various domains like BFS, Insurance, Retail, US Tax, Industrial Automation, Media and Broadcasting, Life Science, Oil and Gas, Energy, Power Trading , Education with a proven track record of Test Automation/DevOps Lead for evaluating, evangelizing, and applying new smart methodologies through commercial or by developing open-source tools to continuously appraise and perk up the Quality Assurance strategies, Continuous Integration processes involved and reduce the efforts.




These days Codeless testing is more popular where the tester never has to write a single line of code. He or she just selects some option or keyword to perform the required job. But let's 1st understand the mechanism behind the Codeless testing and how it works. Then let's understand how much beneficial it is and is there any improvement area.

Key takeaways-

-What is Codeless testing
-How Codeless testing works
-Some popular Codeless testing tools
-Advantage and disadvantage of Codeless testing
-Improvement area for Codeless testing
-Emphasis low code testing

Just let it "flow"


Pricilla Bilavendran



Pricilla is a Passionate Test Engineer currently working with Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn - Malaysia, with a decade of experience in Quality Assurance. She has experience in different flavors of Testing like Functional, EDI, ETL, Automation and API Testing. She is so keen and loves to handle APIs. She is a Postman Supernova and speaks at various events regarding APIs and Postman. She is passionate about Cloud computing and a “AWS Community Builder”. Also she is the global ambassador of WomenTech Network and helps many women through her mentoring sessions.




API Testing is getting more limelight nowadays and Postman is one of the prevalently used tool for it. Postman is preferred for its lightweight and usability and much more reasons. Recently a new beta feature is introduced in Postman. If you don't feel comfortable coding using JavaScript and you need to perform API automation in Postman, then we got you. "Flows" is a new feature which will help you to automate your API requests without any coding. Code less and flow more. 

Key takeaways-

- Basic of API automation
- Understanding the Postman ecosystem
- What is "Flows"?
- Why and when to use "flows"?
- Advantages
- Live Demo on how to work with flows

When to choose Codeless Automation


Madhuri Modi



Selenium SME. Highly skilled in developing Automation Frameworks including Keyword driven, Hybrid and Behavior driven.Done feasibility studies and POC's for various projects related to Automation.Worked on various automation tools.Have also worked on development of micro services using SpringBoot, JPA




Have you ever wondered what is Codeless Automation and its Benefits? Is Codeless Automation the future? For this, it is important to know how Codeless Automation Works. This talk will cover the benefits and challenges faced while using the Codeless Automation and some scenarios where using Codeless Automation can be beneficial. It will also cover some renowned tools and how you can build a codeless automation tool for your project.

Key takeaways-

- Ability to understand the benefits of Codeless Automation
- Ability to analyze if Codeless Automation is beneficial for your project

WorkShop: Codeless Test Automation with Selenium IDE & LambdaTest


Veena Devi



Extensive 17+ experience in Automation, API, and Manual testing on Web /Mobile /Desktop Applications
Test Automation and setting up frameworks on multiple web applications
Java framework designing for web testing.
Expertise in Automation Framework Selenium, TestNG, MVN, CI, git, Postman in Automation Domain

Experienced in tools like TestComplete , Ready API, and other SmartBear Products on Test Automation and TestManagement


Are you new to Test Automation? Do you want to start writing automated functional tests for your Web Application, but don't know where to begin? Selenium IDE is handy in these situations. This workshop gives you hands-on experience in Selenium IDE Tool, how to execute your test cases in a cloud grid.

Key takeaways-

- What is Selenium IDE and Why do we need it?

- Tool installation and Test Case creation

- Top Features of Selenium IDE

- Test Case management

- Cross Browser Testing using Selenium IDE and LambdaTest

- Benefits of LambdaTest Integration with Selenium IDE

- Parallel Execution with Runner

- Limitations of Tool

Low code for test automation, state of the art


Federico Toledo



In 2008, Federico co-founded Abstracta (, a company that is dedicated to providing testing services and creating development tools that help simplify software testing tasks.

Federico holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Computer UCLM, in Spain, and he completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering at the University of the Republic in Uruguay.

Since he started testing in 2005, he has participated in functional, automated, and performance testing projects as an analyst, tester, and project leader. He co-founded Abstracta Academy and Apptim (formerly, Monkop).

In 2014, he published the first testing book entirely in Spanish called "Introduction to Information Systems Testing". He co-founded and collaborates in the Nahual project (, a non-profit organization for social inclusion through an education in software testing, and TestingUY (, the biggest testing conference in Latin America.



It’s kind of difficult to distinguish if this is another marketing-created buzzword in the software development world, and even worse because it appears in many flavors: “low code”, “no code”, “codeless”, “scriptless”, and probably I’m missing some. If you try to find some objective opinion it’s hard to find any article or talk that is not provided by a vendor. 

In this talk I want to share and exhaustive research we made to discover all the low code solutions, analyzing the state of the art at the beginning of 2022. We analyzed dozens of tools, discovering all the characteristics they have. We’ve also have experimented with the ones we considered more stable and mature. With this report you will be able to critically analyze a tool and decide which ones could be useful for your context. I also want to give my perspective and experience, analyzing when it makes sense, in which contexts, and most importantly, which considerations we should have to take into account to avoid the “automating chaos brings faster chaos”.

Key takeaways-

- report of all the low code solutions for test automation
- how to analyze the characteristics of a low code test automation tool
- considerations to succeed automating with the low code approach

Idaithalam : Low-Code Automation


Rahul Sharma



Rahul has started career with testing and worked on manual, automation, and API testing in different roles - Manual Tester, Associate consultant, Test Automation Engineer, Consultant, and QA Engineer in different projects. In his current role, he works as a portfolio lead for AtoS. Apart from his day job, he loves to explore new technologies which can make software testing more efficient and quality-driven. He get to know about Idaithalam(Low code Automation Tool) a couple of weeks back and understood it well to get it implemented in his project.


Description: In Agile world, everyone's expectation is to test the software in minutes to get it released for users ASAP. But in reality, is it really happening? 
- Is you or your team spends a lot of time is creating frameworks, creating test cases, writing scripts, debug failures, investigations of issues and maintenance of old scripts?
- Are you able to achieve definition of done for Automation?
- Is your testing tasks are getting forwarded to next iteration because automation was not completed on time?
- Are you struggling to perform in-sprint automation?
- Are you struggling to have automation runs with deployment pipeline?
- Is your automation is not capable to find out defects?
- Are you dependent on manual testing to find out defects and have your automation scripts just for the sake to showcase to the client?
- Is your automation asks for great scripting skills?
- Is the learning curve for a new joiner to automate new tests of your software is steep?

In case, your sharp Intellect says "YES" to any of the above answers, No worries. It's never too late, Virtual Software has come up with Idaithalam - Low Code Test Automation tool for your help!!

With just a few clicks and populating details of the test case into an excel sheet, you can run your test case directly via Jenkins. Isn't this sounds amazing?

Rahul has implemented this tool in his project comprises of 8 team members in AtoS. With Idaithalam, the task which used to done by 8 people before, now it is completed by only 3 people. Along with that, Idaithalam has given the capability to non technical team members like product owners, Business Analysts, new joiners, to create and run the API automation on their own. Now, his team is able to perform in-sprint automation, regression execution, and post-production checkouts using Idaithalam. It is helping Rahul and his team to attest to the deployment builds to make sure quality software is delivered to users and meets the expectations.

In our session, we will talk about Idaithalam, how it works and will showcase the benefits. You will learn how you can use it to automate API tests by following simple click actions on your screen. 

As we all are wise people, so "Don't let the smallest chance slip by, we never know until we try" - Dorothy L. Sayers


Key takeaways-

- How to save your efforts and client's money with Idaithalam by just being courageous to give a try. Implement 100% CI/CD/CT integration for your test cases and enhance your test automation experience.

Codeless - What, Why and Who

1634741500862 (1).jpeg

Divyakant Sharma



Hardworking, Dedicated, and Passionate Test consultant, who is always open to learn, implement, enhance and grow so the organization can achieve its desired benchmarks at the earliest. In my journey, I have been trained and nurtured by some of the best available mentors and so far I have been part of Development, Release Regression, Security Regression, Functional & Non- Functional Test projects, and played the roles of QA, Test Prime, Business analyst & Project coordinator.


QA Industry have witnessed a lot of transitions in terms of tool and technology, the rapid industries have grown more they expected from teams in terms of productivity and since we all know its a business that's why we all are working hard for a smooth transition of users on client applications. So let's engage in a discussion on how codeless adds value to test automation and can change things in coming years.

Key takeaways-

- Intro to keyword driven testing(codeless)

- What is TestComplete

- How it can add value to Functional or manual QA

- How to create keyword-driven tests to create Scriptless automated UI tests

- Hurdles in Codeless from QA perspective.

Idaithalam - Lowcode API and DB Workflow Automation


Malarkodi Thangamani



Passionate, responsible, enthusiastic, and committed developer with a get-it-done, on-time spirit, around 8 years of experience designing, implementing, and adapting technically sophisticated enterprise web applications using Java and JEE Technologies, three-tiered architecture, and more.


Idaithalam is a #lowcode/#nocode automation framework for testing API and RDBMS Database .Validating REST API responses and Database queries. It leverages Behavior Driven Development (BDD). Can build and execute test cases using Excel in minutes. Any manual tester can perform the API Automation using the Idaithalam framework.

Key takeaways-

- Ensures data values and information received and stored into database are valid or not.

- Helps to save data loss, saves aborted transaction data, and no unauthorized access to the information

- In the Microservice world, Test/Validate API request and response Data integrated with Database in a single workflow without writing Test scripts

Automation Passed, bugs found - Time to rethink conventional test automation?


Anuradha Raman



11+ years of the overall experience of testing products and solutions.
Proficient in software development life cycle. Actively involved right from understanding business requirements from stakeholders, brainstorming design, test strategy preparation, test plan creation, designing of test cases, test execution and bug tracking/triaging, analyzing quality metrics, and preparing QA dashboard for stakeholders.
Expertise in testing low code and no-code platforms
Developed Test Automation Frameworks using Java(TestNG), Python (pytest) for UI and APIs.
Areas of Expertise: Test development, scheduling, and execution, test automation, test project management, Agile, SCRUM, SDLC.
Experience in the content management system (CMS), Media Hosting, OTT, digital marketing, Digital workplace, and healthcare domains.
Developed frameworks (Page object model, Keyword-driven, Data-driven, and Hybrid framework) and maintained automated test scripts using Selenium (Webdriver, IDE), Java, python, and TestNG.
The lead testing effort with business analysts, customers, engineering, and Onshore QA leads.
Enjoy learning new tools and technologies.
Hands-on Experience in Ready API(SoapUI NG).Created Test suites for testing RESTful APIs using groovy scripts & rest-assured. Developed simple and meaningful tests for API collections using Postman.
Security Testing enthusiast-Written tests for both Web applications and RESTful APIs
Data Analytics Testing using Tableau and Hyperion


This topic will list, discuss and reason out flaws in conventional test automation and how it can be reduced/overcome to a larger extent using some of the codeless automation tools

Key takeaways-

- Gain knowledge on how to assess whether your product or application needs the power of codeless test automation
- What are the problem statements that conventional and codeless test automation tools solve and how
- Various codeless automation tools and samples that can aid in accelerating the release to production from QA standpoint

How manual testers can build complex automated tests without code


Artem Golubev



Helping Directors of QA empower their manual QAs to build QA automation 15X faster than people do with Selenium and spend almost no time maintaining it.


1. What technology enables manual testers to build end-to-end automated tests faster than QA Engineers with Selenium.

2. How testRigor solved test maintenance problems

Key takeaways-

- Learn how to quickly convert all of the end-to-end test cases to make them automated using plain English as "code"

Trend of Scriptless Automation


Prachi Dahibhate



Experienced in Quality Assurance with a demonstrated history of working in the IT & Service Industry. Skilled in Writing Test Cases, Test Scenarios, Web Testing, Functionality Testing. Strong Quality Assurance Professional with an Engineer's degree focused on Computer Science from Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University.


In recent years, there were several changes in the world of technology. The same has happened in the software testing world where Test Automation has evolved to facilitate rapid software releases at the highest quality.


One of the solutions to maximize the scalability of test automation is scriptless test automation. Scriptless test automation enables testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. It helps to achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand the code.


With the Trend of Scriptless test automation, the complete software development process can speed up. The method allows enterprises to participate in test automation and increases the scope of code reusability. Adopting the scriptless framework will ease the development teams to overcome the biggest challenge of spending more time on script development. Also, the methodology helps to simplify the test automation complexity for enterprises.


This talk will cover the trend of scriptless automation.

Key takeaways-

- What is Scriptless Automation?

- Most Common Challenges Faced in Script-based automated testing

- Advantages of Scriptless Automation Testing

- Commonly Used Scriptless Automation Testing Tools

- Future of Scriptless Test Automation

Unified Test Automation to accelerate Continuous Delivery


Geosley Andrades



Geosley is a Product Evangelist and Community Builder at ACCELQ. He is on a mission to unite the testing community and keeps himself busy leading the Q community - A Global Community of Test Automation Enthusiasts. Being passionate about continuous learning, Geosley loves to innovate the method of working resulting in higher Efficiency.

He has around 15 years of experience in the Software Testing Industry. Has previously worked in companies like JP Morgan Chase, BNP Paribas, Cornerstone OnDemand, and Infosys. Being a Test Automation Enthusiast, he also holds a Certified Agile Leader and Certified Scrum Master accreditation from Scrum Alliance.

To add he also possesses a Six Sigma Yellow Belt and ISTQB certification to his credit. The world of cloud computing fascinates him and is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Cloud Practitioner.

Geosley has been a speaker at various events organized by The Test Tribe, Test Master's Academy, Agile Testing Alliance, The Test Chat, Clavent, QA Tech Talks, etc.


Very often, we have seen testing teams using tools in silos. Organizations have focused on using specialized tools for a specific purpose. With such a setup, it becomes challenging to accelerate the speed and efficiency of testing to cater to continuous delivery. 

A unified test automation solution is very much the need of the hour.
This workshop will have a step-by-step, hands-on demo leveraging Codeless Test Automation for all your end-to-end test automation needs.
You will experience how easy it is to quickly kick-off test automation for Web, API, and Mobile using a single unified platform. 
Learn to parse JSON, verify/read content from Excel files or Databases utilizing the power of a codeless solution.

Key takeaways-

- Learn how a Unified test automation platform can enhance productivity and encourage collaboration to achieve faster releases.
- Learn how to set up an end-to-end test automation strategy and accelerate development velocity with hands-on exercises.
- Learn why Test Design should be the focus, not the automation programming complexity.

Accelerate Salesforce Implementation with the AI-powered Codeless Automation 


Avinash Chavan



Avinash is a Client Principal at ACCELQ with more than eight years of experience in software test automation. He has significant experience working in firms across various domains like e-commerce, banking, IT services, telecommunication, finance, and healthcare. He holds a Master's degree in Information Technology and Management from The University of Texas at Dallas.


Undoubtedly, Salesforce is the world's leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. With Salesforce, companies experience increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, greater sales productivity, and more results through their marketing campaigns. 


To make the most of this platform, it needs to be customized based on the organization's unique needs. It also should be appropriately integrated with other systems in the enterprise tech stack. Such customizations also demand thorough testing to ensure that the applications work as intended after the customizations. However, testing Salesforce applications using traditional automation tools is challenging, and most of the tools are incapable of matching the complexity of the Salesforce technologies. So, let's deep dive into how organizations can streamline and simplify their automation process with AI-powered codeless automation.

Key takeaways-

- Challenges with traditional automation test tools and testing packaged apps like Salesforce.
- Key benefits of using an AI-powered Codeless automation for Salesforce testing. 
- Setting up an effective test automation strategy for testing the Salesforce application.

Demo for Kafka Message Validation


Chirag Singh



Chirag is the founder of Free Automation Learning youtube channel. He has started his career with testing and worked on manual, automation testing in different roles - Manual Tester, Sr. Test Automation Engineer, Automation solution architecture. Apart from his day job, he loves to explore new technologies which can make software testing more efficient and quality-driven.


Apache Kafka is being leveraged very commonly and forms some of large scale and important systems in the world processing trillions of messages per day. There are not many open source tools are available for Kafka Testing in the Market. If you are looking an open source tool for kafka testing where you need to write the test scripts on the excel within few minutes then Virtual Software has come up with Idaithalam - Low Code Test Automation tool. By using this Low Code Test Automation tool you can write the test scripts on the excel and integrate your test scripts with CI/CD tool.

Key takeaways-

- You will learn Kafka message validation by using low code automation.

- You will also learn sending the messages to Kafka topic.

- Also will learn receiving the messages from Kafka topic.

- You will learn, how can we create the test scripts for Kafka message validation on the excel?

Becoming Defect Free

josh headshot.jpg

Josh McNamara



Josh McNamara is a Senior Salesforce Strategist at Provar with 22 years of experience working solely on the Salesforce platform. He has dedicated his career serving clients as an executive consultant while helping DevOps teams expand their global enterprise architecture and portfolio delivery. Josh has worn every hat and executed every task within the SDLC, he is a 5x mixed martial arts champion, and loves discussing crypto.


Salesforce delivery teams are faced with the growing demands of writing and testing their solutions, but many still struggle to find the time and resources to deliver defect free, quality software. I’ve even heard the statement that I'm a good developer so I don’t have to test. Isn’t that the same logic as not wearing your seatbelt because you’re a good driver? Accidents happen. It’s always best to identify & correct a problem before everyone else finds out about it. Exactly what are the odds of there being a problem? Let’s find out.


The average Salesforce delivery program has about 500 test scripts and the average test script takes about 25 minutes to complete. For comprehensive test coverage on all 500 scripts, you will need 6,250 labor hours to achieve this. So, with 500 scripts and over 6,000 hours there is a lot of opportunity to miss something or make mistakes.


Many people have said that testing cycles are a bottleneck. I challenge, what if it’s your testing strategy that’s creating your bottleneck? After all, you are designing and developing more intuitive ways of operating your business processes, why not yield with a similar approach in how you deliver them? More importantly, going to production defect free with comprehensive test coverage.


In this interactive session, Josh McNamara, Senior Salesforce Strategist at Provar will leverage his leadership experience working with global delivery teams to help you identify the hidden costs of human error and how to save time in your continuous delivery.


In addition, demo attendees will be introduced to the Provar code-free test automation platform, as a vehicle to help your teams scale your Salesforce portfolio. Come for strategies for becoming defect free and save time, stay for raffle prizes and gifts from your community at Provar.

Key takeaways-

- Learn how to become defect free with pragmatic solutions to bring back to your team, as well as how a code-free Salesforce test automation solution can help you get there.

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