QA TechTalks is not just a platform, It is more than you think, It is a global community. QA Community starts and ends with its people. This community is created to connect like Share Ideas, Experiences, Collaborate, and much more in the era where the world has become a global village.


Our primary goal is to help the community by conducting testing webinars, weekly workshops, organizing events, and sharing upcoming trends and knowledge. Donate to us, so that we can reach the global community through promotions and events. Also, we can get more global speakers, viewers and other audience to the QA Tech Talks community. 

Why must you visit this platform?

You may know that humans have curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. But if you don’t know anything about this community and you are new and you want to learn. So, here you go, It’s the right place WELCOME. Let’s discuss the community's significance :-


1.Highly motivational platform

As motivation is the key to survive in this modern world, this place fills you with a lot of positivity. This is a place of motivation and encouragement.


2. A big cosmopolitan Informative source

Here you will find Webinars, Blog posts, and much more. This will be organized by the community for the learners.


3.Well-Knowledged speakers

 Knowledge is the most precious asset in the contemporary world. Our speakers focus on spreading information and teaching people about this community more about the testing community.


Our prominent objectives   

Our basic goals are to help the learners and all the community by Conducting Webinars, Tests, Organizing events, weekly workshops, and sharing the latest trends. Help us by donating that we could reach the global community through promotions and events. Also, we could get more audience and learners to this QA global community.

Why is it beneficial for you to be a sponsor?

For corporate donations, your logo will be placed on QA Tech Talks channel & events where users check the webinars, workshops & event sessions every day.

And the donation contributions will spend toward the speakers, viewers of the event who participate, and for event maintenance. 

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7. Will provide event-related freebies or discounts to customers that purchase the sponsor’s product or sign up for its service.

8. Will include the sponsor’s logo in all of our promotional gear.

Our Motto

As our motto is “Sharing is Caring”. So, come along with us and join and share our community through social media websites and Facebook groups. The community will always give you ten times more. No matter from what way of life you join this QA Community you are WELCOME.

If you would like to speak further about the webinars, workshops, events & donations, feel free to reach out to us at

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