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Test Automation

Application of tools and technologies to test software with the goal of reducing testing efforts delivering capability faster and more affordable. It helps in building better quality software with less effort.


Automation testing involves testers writing test scripts that automate test execution. A test script is a set of instructions to be performed on target platforms to validate expected outcomes.


Types of automation tests:


  1. Unit testing, units of the web application are tested.

  2. Smoke testing

  3. Functional testing

  4. Integration testing

  5. Regression testing.

Test automation as a service:

Test automation as a service is even more important. Automation as a service is to accelerate and streamline your product and solution. Automation as a service enables you to regress your product through the right use of processes and best practices. Reliable test automation strategy optimizes testing and meets quality standards effectively.


Test automation as a service offering:

  1. Automated web service testing: This involves test compliance, functionality, and security issues for web services.

   2. Automated load testing: Allow organizations to complete Their required testing phase effectively using this mode.

   3. Automated GUI testing: This involves testing the user interface of an application.


Moreover, the purpose of Automation test services is test automation strategy development.


  1. Test environment setup and configuration

  2. Automated test data generation

  3. Performance testing etc.


Test automation plays a very important role in the release cycle and regression.


Automation testing as a service makes necessary:

  1. The role of identifying and selecting automation test cases.

  2. Documenting the automated test strategy better.

  3. Creating an automation test plan.

  4. Configuring Selenium test environment.


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