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Welcome to QA Talks, a community-based initiative that is mainly focused on QA Talks, Test Automation talks, Job Posts, Inspiring events, noted global speakers, workshops, and the latest tech updates in the QA industry. Follow our channel for regular updates. 

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Vinayak H Titti

Extensive international experience having worked in the UK and Asia (Malaysia & India) in a wide variety of projects (BFSI), FinTech, CRM, CMS, Automotive, WordPress, e-wallets & Real-Estate industry using manual & automation tools. 

Author of  `Cypress & Appium Cookbook` 

Co-founder of QA Talks

One of the Speakers at the TestFlix event

Community Admin - QA Daily Group

One of the bloggers at Medium

YouTuber at QA Talks Channel




Cypress Community Admin

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